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Lohmann. Management guide

23 March 2015 Articles

Lohmann. Management guide

LOHMANN TIERZUCHT is the specialist for layer breeding and is a leader in the global market. Intensive research and development is one of the supporting pillars of a sustainable breeding program and for breeding achievements which always continue to be milestones in international poultry breeding. LOHMANN TIERZUCHT is constantly investing in research and development.

Hy-Line. Management guide

10 March 2015 Articles

Hy-Line. Management guide

Hy-Line International today is not only the world's oldest layer genetics company, but is the industry leader in all facets of our business. Hy-Line’s progressing research program guarantees increased egg production, greater disease resistance, improved egg quality and superior livability. All traits that assure our customers of even greater profits from Hy-Line layers in the future.

Tetra.Commercial Layer Management Guide

08 October 2014 Articles

Tetra.Commercial Layer Management Guide

The TETRA brand name represents tradition and quality all over the world and research and development programs, expertise, dynamic and committed colleagues serve as a basis for this brand name. The range of Tetra layer hybrids consists TETRA-BLANCA, TETRA HARCO, TETRA-SL, TETRA-SL LL, TETRA L SUPERB, TETRA-AMBER, TINT.

Contribution column.

09 January 2013 New Features

Contribution Column very useful when you want to see clearly how you get such nutrients values in the recipe.

By choosing a specific nutrient in the recipe, you can see in thr contribution column first figure, what raw materials in what quantities given this nutrient in the recipe, the second figure in parentheses shows the total amount of this nutrient in the raw material. 

Open premix, Premix roll out.

09 December 2012 New Features

Premix can be created by exrtacting from main recipe and saved as separate recipe and as one raw material for further use.

Open premix allows to open in new window the recipe of premix instead of one raw material.

Premix roll out function allows to expand the full content of premix instead of one raw material a recipe.

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