WinMix - it`s a least-cost optimization program for the different types of animals. It`s the best optimal recipes at the lowest possible price: the guaranteed weight gain and increase of profits, including by reducing the cost of diet and proper redistribution of raw materials.

Basic Features:

Templates, currencies, clients etc.

You can use different templates, price-lists, currencies, clients in recipe and easily change them in the parameters of the recipe whatever you need.

Create premix, additive or concentrate based on clients raw materials

By one click you can Create premix, additive or concentrate based on client`s raw materials. Thereby composition of the raw materials which is included in the additive will be transferred to the new recipe and recalculated to 100%.

Convert formula recipe into compound

Formula recipe can be converted into compound at any weight (% -> kg). On the example it converted to 1tona, but it can be any other specific weight.

Save recipe as raw material or template

Any recipe can be saved as raw material, so it can be saved in the database as one record with its nutrients values and price for further use. Also, a recipe can be saved as a template with sets of raw materials, nutrients and all limits. .

Use “shadow prices" tracking and post-optimization analysis

“Shadow prices" tracking and post-optimization analysis very useful when you try to find a way to reduce the cost. CUnit it`s Value of change of recipe price if Raw material quantity changes by 1. Shadow % and Shadow Price show at what price the raw material suitable for this recipe and in what quantity it would be included in case of such price.

Contribution column

Contribution column, very useful when you want to see clearly how you get such nutrients values in the recipe. By choosing a specific nutrient in the recipe, you can see in contribution column first figure, what raw materials in what quantities given this nutrient in the recipe, the second figure in parentheses shows the total amount of this nutrient in the raw material.

Calculate the final cost of the recipe + packaging, production costs, transportation etc.

You can Calculate the final cost of the recipe taking into account packaging, production costs, transportation, or other extra costs.

Professional printout

WinMix has professional print out. You can create print profiles, choose different parameters for printing for each type of recipe and easily change the view of a document to print by assigning visibility and positioning of print document elements.

Export and import data, save recipe in .xls and .pdf formats.

You can export and import any data between different computers, as well as save recipe or other elements in .xls and .pdf formats to send it by e-mail.

WinMix Downloads

WinMix Advantages:

  • The best recipes at the lowest possible price
  • Balanced recipes according the norms of feeding
  • Saves your time and money - allows to make recipes easier and faster
  • WinMix has a reasonable price and payback within a few months of use, depending on the volume of production enterprises
  • WinMix has a rich functionality, we regularly add new features and provide it to our customers with updates
  • WinMix - it`s a significant competitive advantage, a guarantee that the issue of feeding is adjusted properly, it is cost-effective production

Client Testimonials

  • "Our Company has been using Winmix Optimization Software for at least 15 years and our group of Animal Nutritionists is very satisfied with it. The simplicity of the interface yet very efficient features makes it easy to use. Issues can be immediately resolved with its very helpful technical support team."

    Gerry Olivo
    Bioquest Marketing/St. John Biomedics, Philippines

  • "I’m using WinMix for 8 years now and I’m not giving it away no matter what. Knowing other feed optimising programmes WinMix is much easier to use, with many features and really easy to set down different customers and prices. I mainly use it for calculating the production price of premixes and mineral feed, where we have different packaging sizes, also different prices for different customers.
    WinMix people are always there for me and my questions, which gives me the confidence to explore the programme even more. Help is quick, with a comforting word and, when needed, a smile face. "

    Beti Skrget
    technologist, Lek Veterina d.o.o., premix and mineral feed production, Slovenia

  • "Since its “birth” I am proud to call myself one of the first users of this optimization program. I have worked with other programs before but nothing compares to the easy to use Winmix! I am an absolute fan of its user friendliness and probably an addict!"

    Cindy Jacobs
    Daily user, Export manager CIS, Nuscience Belgium

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