Label Designer - module of professional label printing of your recipes from WinMix and other applications. It is a special graphic editor that makes it easy to operate with any parameters and quickly create a label in the proper form.

How It Works:

    • Label Designer - separate program which connects to your database with recipes.
  • Window of Label Designer consists of static and dynamic objects and the stage.
  • You can easy drag any object, place it on the stage and specify the form, number, language and other parametes depending on type of object.
  • When design is ready you can choose all recipes which labels you want to print in a specified form and click on print.
  • Static objects, such as your logo, contact information, etc., will be printed in the specified form and place on the label.
  • Dynamic objects, such as weight, list of raw materials and nutrients with their values, and any other options which may vary in the recipe, will be automatically identified and printed out according to the values in the recipe.
  • Created label design will be saved in your database for future use for printing or editing.

Label Designer Downloads

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