Hubbard. Broiler management guide

22 October 2014 Articles

Hubbard. Broiler management guide

In general the Hubbard broiler range of the JV, Classic, F15, Flex, H1 and H1 FF are well recognized for its growth, excellent FRC and good animal welfare traits (such as very low levels of hock burn and footpad lesions) in combination with good yields in the processing plant and flexibility to be used for a wide range of bodyweights and final products.

Broiler Management Guide

The Hubbard Broiler Guide is full of practical experience involving: Genetics, Nutrition, Rearing, Processing. The range of Hubbard broilers consists of 4 different types of product specifically selected for its market requirement:

  • Hubbаrd CLASSIC
  • Нubbаrd FLEX
  • Нubbаrd YIELD
  • Hubbard COLOR

For many years, the principal measure for the quality of the feed was growth and F.C.R. Today the nutritionist is confronted by numerous and more complicated factors.

  • The improvement of genetics has been very important to the point that broilers that eat too much cause many problems for the production network.
  • The growing demand by the consumer for a wider variety of products, cut-up, further processing and products grown using nutrition without meat products, growth promoters or antibiotics.
  • Environmental controls such as limiting nitrogenous and/or phosphorous discharges.
  • Tighter control on the grower of the climatic conditions, the houses, the management and bio-security.

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