Cobb 500. Performance and nutrition supplement

14 September 2014 Articles

Cobb 500. Performance and nutrition supplement

The world’s most efficient broiler has the lowest feed conversion, best growth rate and an ability to thrive on low density, less costly nutrition. These attributes combine to give the Cobb500 the competitive advantage of the lowest cost per kilogram or pound of live-weight produced for the growing customer base worldwide.

The Cobb500 has:

Lowest cost of live weight produced

      • Superior performance on lower cost feed rations
      • Most feed efficient
      • Excellent growth rate
      • Best broiler uniformity for processing
      • Competitive breeder

Broiler performance and nutrition supplement

Broiler performance varies from country to country; these targets are based on a combination of field performance results and experience from around the world. The performance data included in this supplement is a blended combination from both the Cobb Male and the CobbMX male, and actual flock performance attained may be different than the values shown in this manual due to individual male line traits. The growth rates shown are the targets for achieving cost-efficient performance.

The key micronutrients in particular are well known for their effect on the development and mineralization of bone. It is essential that adequate levels of these are presented to the bird throughout their development. Supplementation of compound rations with whole or cracked whole wheat can significantly deplete levels of calcium and phosphorus.

Quality and availability of raw materials may require nutrient levels to be adjusted. Formulations will need to be “fine tuned” to suit your specific requirements and environment.

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