How to use Enzymes in WinMix

06 August 2014 New Features

In order to take into account enzyme influence in a recipe it is necessary to set information about enzyme to database – how it influences, what nutrient values are increased and how exactly (in %).

Enzymes affect certain raw materials and animals in different ways, so enzyme influence depends on the animal digestibility and RM. Therefore this information about enzyme influence should be entered separately.

Database may have several records of one type raw material (for example, a few records of wheat). Therefore in order not to set the values for all this raw materials one by one, it is necessary to create one special “basic raw material” under the name “wheat”. Then enter the values of enzyme influences (% increase of nutrients values) and link all records of wheat in database to this one basic “wheat”. In the same way for one basic “barley”, “corn” and so on.

Enzyme influence also may differ depending on type of animal, which will eat the ration with enzyme. Therefore it is necessary to add types of animals to the database and then enter enzyme values separately.

    • • Open MixManager
    • • Create special Basic raw material:
      • a. Select “Raw Materials” folder and choose “Link to Basic raw material..” in “Raw Materials” menu
      • b. Choose button  in the left bottom part of “Choose Basic Raw Material” window
      • c. In order to create Basic raw material press right mouse button and choose “Add new to selected…” or “Add root record...”.
      • d. Enter a name of the raw material and press Ok. If it’s necessary add the next raw material.
    • • Link each raw material, which can be exposed by enzyme activity, to one of Basic Raw materials. In order to link it select a raw material (or a group of raw materials) and choose “Link to Basic raw material...” item from “Raw Materials” menu and choose the necessary basic raw material.
    2. Enzyme creation:
    • • Create simple raw material and then choose Enzyme item  in “Raw material” menu.
    • • Enter enzyme data: % which enzyme will add to nutrients of basic raw material, when you use it in a recipe:
      • a. Add animal to enzyme (new types of animals you can add in “Animals” folder in MixManager) by clicking on button  on Enzyme toolbar.
      • b. Add Basic raw material by clicking on button  on Enzyme toolbar.
      • c. Add Nutrients by clicking on button  on Enzyme toolbar. Enter the value (%).
      • d. Add the next basic raw material and nutrients values the same way.
    3. Use enzyme in recipe:
    • • Open WinMix.
    • • Open recipe and add one of enzymes the same way as a raw material. Enter value to “min” bound (for example 0,01)
    • • Open “Parameters” in “Operations” menu and choose the type of Animal.
    • • Press Enter or click “Optimize”

Effect of the enzyme takes into account if:

1) the necessary raw materials in the recipe have links to Basic raw materials

2) the correct animal was chosen in recipe parameters

3) the enzyme has data for the linked basic raw material and the animal.

In order to see effect of the enzyme enable the contribution column function (choose “Contribution” in “View” menu) – nutrients values of raw materials increased according to enzyme activity.

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